The Road to Emmaus

Hello and welcome back to our weekly Kidzone slot, we hope you all enjoyed last weeks Easter Story and you all had a great time celebrating Easter.

Today we are going to be travelling along the road to Emmaus in a journey that happened not long after Jesus had died on the cross and had risen again from the tomb. So let’s begin

We are going to share in reading from God’s Great Big Book reading from Luke 24:13-25 (The Voice)

If you can get a couple of family members to help with this as we can act out this.

We need 4 people if possible

  • Narator (reads everything but the bits set for others)
  • Jesus
  • Cleopas (a disciple)
  • And the other Disciple

In this first bit of the story Cleopas and his friend don’t recognise the man they meet as Jesus.

…two other disciples (not of the eleven) are travelling the seven miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus. 14 As they walk along, they talk back and forth about all that has transpired during recent days. 15 While they’re talking, discussing, and conversing, Jesus catches up to them and begins walking with them, 16 but for some reason they don’t recognise Him.
Jesus: 17 You two seem deeply engrossed in conversation. What are you talking about as you walk along this road?
They stop walking and just stand there, looking sad. 18 One of them—Cleopas is his name—speaks up.
Cleopas: You must be the only visitor in Jerusalem who hasn’t heard about what’s been going on over the last few days.
Jesus: 19 What are you talking about?
Two Disciples: It’s all about the man named Jesus of Nazareth. He was a mighty prophet who did amazing miracles and preached powerful messages in the sight of God and everyone around. 20 Our chief priests and authorities handed Him over to be executed—crucified, in fact.
21 We had been hoping that He was the One—you know, the One who would liberate all Israel and bring God’s promises. Anyway, on top of all this, just this morning—the third day after the execution— 22 some women in our group really shocked us. They went to the tomb early this morning, 23 but they didn’t see His body anywhere. Then they came back and told us they did see something—a vision of heavenly messengers—and these messengers said that Jesus was alive. 24 Some people in our group went to the tomb to check it out, and just as the women had said, it was empty. But they didn’t see Jesus.
Jesus: 25 Come on, men! Why are you being so foolish? Why are your hearts so sluggish when it comes to believing what the prophets have been saying all along? 26 Didn’t it have to be this way? Didn’t the Anointed One have to experience these sufferings in order to come into His glory?

Thinky bit….

Have you ever felt discouraged by something?

We know just now thing can be quite discouraging for us all as we don’t quite know what is going on and what to expect.

Do you think the disciples were feeling discouraged? How was Cleopas and his friend feeling on the road to Emmaus?

Let’s join them again as they continue to walk with Jesus (remember they don’t know its Jesus thays with them)

27 Then He begins with Moses and continues, prophet by prophet, explaining the meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures, showing how they were talking about the very things that had happened to Jesus.
28 About this time, they are nearing their destination. Jesus keeps walking ahead as if He has no plans to stop there, 29 but they convince Him to join them.
Two Disciples: Please, be our guest. It’s getting late, and soon it will be too dark to walk.
So He accompanies them to their home. 30 When they sit down at the table for dinner, He takes the bread in His hands, He gives thanks for it, and then He breaks it and hands it to them. 31 At that instant, two things happen simultaneously: their eyes are suddenly opened so they recognize Him, and He instantly vanishes—just disappears before their eyes.
Two Disciples (to each other): 32 Amazing! Weren’t our hearts on fire within us while He was talking to us on the road? Didn’t you feel it all coming clear as He explained the meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures?
33 So they get up immediately and rush back to Jerusalem—all seven miles—where they find the eleven gathered together—the eleven plus a number of others. 34 Before Cleopas and his companion can tell their story, the others have their own story to tell.
Other Disciples: The Lord has risen indeed! It’s true! He appeared to Simon!

Now how do you think Cleopas and the other Disciples feel that they have their friend back.

Wouldn’t it be amazing and encouraging.

How will you feel when you get back to school and see your friends? How you going to be when you can visit your grandparents again?


Lord God
We all are feeling discouraged just now as we are not seeing our friends or family and we are missing school, We are all a bit worried and a little sad too.
But Lord, we are encouraged by you and your son Jesus Christ that things are going to get better.
Lord we want to thank you for looking after our family and friends at this time, we want to thank you for the nurses and doctors too,
Lord we know you help everyone please help the nurses and doctors to make people better.
Lord we thank you for helping our parents and carers look after us just now you have given them strength and encouragement to help us just now
Lord we thank you for all your gifts that help us all especially in these hard times