Advent Angels

Angels are messangers sent by God. During Advent there are a number who come to bring GOOD NEWS! including a whole choir!

As we have entered Tier 4 of the Coronavirus restrictions we are wanting to help with encouraging the community to share in Advent Angels.

From Sunday November 29th you are invited to help us cover our fence with Advent Angel and bring some Good News and Joy to our community.

What is an Advent Angel?

It is a small Angel figure you can either draw or knit, once you have your Advent Angel we would like to encourage you to share them with the community and to enable this please bring them along to St. Mark’s where you can attach them to our fence at the front of the church.

How do I draw or knit my Advent Angel?

Well as always here at St. Mark’s we have prepared a few things that will help you.

First up drawing an Advent Angel, these are aimed at all the kids (big kids too), that couldn’t be easier for you as we have this excellent print out for you that is in pdf format. now we know some may not be able to print it out but if you have some paper and pens you can copy these.

Once you have printed off or drew your Advent Angel you can colour it in.

Advent Angels for Drawing and Colouring in can be downloaded here

Next up is knitting your Advent Angel, we have found an excellent pattern that you can use for this and you will find it below but also we have a pdf version here for you to download and print off too.

Advent angels for Knitting can be downloaded here

If you have any difficulty with downloading the pattern you can find it at the bottom of the page.

Ok so we have our Advent Angels ready, what next?

Like we said above we would like to invite you to bring them along to St. Mark’s from Sunday 29th November and help us cover our fence with Advent Angels, we would also like to ask you all to take a quick photo of your angel and share it with us over on our Facebook page, some of the best may even make it here on our website.

Finally we have a little prayer you may wish to say when you come to attach your Advent Angel on our fence.


We have made our Advent Angels at home with our family,

We bring them here today to your church as a sign of hope,

We bring them here today to your church in celebration of good news,

Lord, as we bring our Advent Angels here we pray for our family, friends and our community to have the continued strength and hope that you provide them.

Lord, we ask you that you continue to guide all of us in our lifes.

Lord, we thank you for always being there for us throughout these times. Amen

Advent Angel Knitting Pattern


Cast on 36 stitches using double knitting yarn and size 3mm needles. Knit 3 rows. (K2 tog, knit 7) repeat 3 times, 32 sts. Knit 1 row. Purl 1 row. (k2 tog, knit 6), repeat 3 times, 28 sts. Knit 2 rows. Purl 1 row. (Knit 2 tog, knit 5), repeat 3 times, 24 sts. Purl 1 row. Knit 2 rows. (K2 tog k4), repeat 3 times, 20 sts. Purl 1 row. Knit 2 rows. (K2 tog, knit 3), repeat 3 times, 16 sts. Purl 1row. (K2 tog), repeat across row, 8 sts. Purl 1 row. Kfb in each st, 16 sts.
Starting with a purl row stocking stitch 7 rows. K2 tog across row, 8 sts. P2 tog across row, 4 sts. Thread yarn through these 4 stitches and from the wrong side sew up the back seam. Put a little stuffing (you can use a cotton wool ball) into the head of the angel and then sew a row of running stitches around the neck and pull tight.


Cast on 21 sts on needle size 3 mm. K 1 row from RS. Then work short rows as follows: * K 7, turn and K back, K 1 row over all sts *, repeat from *-* 6 times in total. Then * K 2 tog, K 6, turn and K back, K 1 row over all sts *, repeat from *-*until there are 15 sts on needle. *K 2 tog, K the rest of row *, repeat from *-* until 9 sts remain, cast off. Sew wings to the back of the body with a line of stitches down the middle of the wings. I used double knitting yarn and size 3mm needles to make sure the knitting is nice and tight. Also colour is a personal choice.

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