Hospital Visits

Due to COVID-19 we have had to postpone all hospital visits. We will however offer telephone calls where needed.

Please note that due to the General Data Protection Regulations, the Hospital Trusts no longer allow access to Admission Lists. These lists previously allowed the ministry team to notice when a member or a parishioner was in a ward and pay a visit.

The Ministry Team are happy to visit members who are admitted to hospital , however, visits to patients are very much dependant on either patients or the family of patients letting us know they are in hospital.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. On Admission to a hospital: tell the nurse or secretary admitting you or your family member you would like a visit from one of the Ministry  Team from St. Mark’s Church. They will note your request on an admission form.
  2. When a member of your family is admitted to hospital: contact the Minister or Deacon either by telephone, Email or on a Sunday morning at Church. You can find contact details here

The responsibility for letting us know you or a member of your family is in hospital lies with yourself or your family. If we are not told, we do not know who is in hospital.

In all cases, except for emergencies (and again is should be the family who contacts us), the permission of the patient is necessary. In some circumstances the visit of a member of the Ministry Team may be the last thing someone wants. Patient confidentiality is paramount.