St. Mark’s Silk Picture

At our Advent family church service (December 2017) the congregation madeĀ  a silk picture with help and guidance from Pauline Edmiston.

Pauline started us off be explaining how we can use the silks and where the silk come from.

The silk for the picture comes from the Silkworm which is not a worm but a Caterpillar which produces the silk when it makes its Cocoon.

Did you know: That a Silkworm Cocoon is made from a single thread of silk that can be 300m to 900m long, WOW!

The Cocoons are then gathered and boiled in water to soften them and make it easier to separate the thread out, at this stage dyes canĀ  be added so you can have coloured silk.

Now we have our silk for the picture.

Now we have our silks we can start to make our picture, first we pick one of the silk threads and begin to stretch it out. Once stretched we can then add it to the frame we make our picture on.


Everyone who came along to family church took part and our silk picture was completed.

As part of the project to make our silk picture we asked everyone “What St. Mark’s is to them?” as part of this we collected all the responses and produced our Word Bubble

Our Silk Picture can be viewed in our side aisle of the church and our Word Bubble is displayed at the back of the church.