The church

During the years, 1935 to 1943 the birth of our Church as we know it today was taking place.

Discussions between Stirling Presbytery, the Home Mission Committee of the Church of Scotland as it was then and the Kirk Session of The Church of the Holy Rude, Stirling.

This resulted in the erection of a Church Hall on Drip Road providing a place of worship for the people in the Raploch.

The first minister, the Rev. Wm. L. Levack, was ordained to the church on 2nd January 1938 during the evening service conducted in the Raploch School. The new Church and accommodation was built in early Gothic style using stone from Auchinlea. It was designed by Mr. John Stewart F.R.I.B.A., a member of Stirling and Dunblane Presbytery. The opening service took place on 11th January 1938, when an inspiring sermon was delivered by the Very Rev. Dr. White. The Minister and Kirk Session of the Holy Rude Church would have responsibility of taking care of the Church Extension infant and at that time the church was named:- Church of the Holy Rude – Raploch Church.

On the 1st January 1943 the Church entered a new phase in it’s history. It became a full Church Extension Charge under a new name – Stirling St. Mark’s, having its second minister, the Rev. Peter Cowan. ordained on the 31st of January 1943.

In March 1961 the National Church Extension Committee agreed in principle to Presbytery’s request to build a new church at Raploch, the present day building. The church was designed by the Church of Scotland Home Board Architect, Mr. Harry Taylor. The foundation stone was laid in May 1964 in a ceremony conducted by Dr. A.C. Craig, Doune. In March 1966, the last service was held in the Church Hall and the opening and dedication service of the new Church, conducted by Rec. Horace Walker, M.A., B.D. took place on 31st March 1966. The first service in the new church and the first celelbration of Holy Communion was conducted in April by the Rev. R. Urquhart, minister of the Parish.

A special Service of Thanksgiving was later held in St. Mark’s  on Sunday 5th March, 1967 to celebrate the completion of 200 major building projects across Scotland and as far south as Corby, between 1949 and 1966. The church was chosen as the venue for this service because of its central position in Scotland.

MINISTERS OF THE PARISH   1938 – present

  • Rev. William. L Levack
  • Rev. Peter Cowan
  • Rev. Andrew
  • Rev. J. Green
  • Rev. Robert Urquhart
  • Rev. Fred Booth
  • Rev. John W. Harvey
  • Rev. Alex.B. Noble
  • Rev. Rodney P.T Robb
  • Rev. Stuart Davidson
  • Rev. Barry Hughes

The Stained Glass Windows

The Youth Fellowship Window

Youth Fellowship window

Beside the Baptismal font, Jesus is pictured as the Good Shepherd with open arms, to welcome all who come to Him. The bridge over which He is crossing is the Old Stirling Bridge, first built over 500 years ago and at one time the only entry into Stirling.

The Brownie Window

Brownie Window

The Brownie Window has the theme ‘Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me.’ The window contains the Brownie badge within the shield and also shown is the winged lion of St. Mark.

The Girl Guide Window

Guide Window

The Girl Guide Window has the theme ‘Christ the Pathfinder.’ Christ is depicted beside the stream of life and the fish symbolise man’s continual struggle. The guide badge is also contained within a shield.

St. Mark’s Window

St. Mark’s window – The Guild has the symbol of St. Mark, the winged lion is shown holding open the book with the text ‘Peace be with you.’

The Mackie Window

Mackie Window which depicts Martha was gifted to the church in memory of Mrs Rose Mackie.

Gifts to St Marks

The congregation of St. Mark’s has been blessed by the generosity of the sister congregations in Stirling and by the kindness of groups and individuals gifting items to beautify our sanctuary.

Baptismal Font:St. Columba’s Church, Stirling
The Elders’ Chairs:Allan Park Church, Stirling
Side Chapel Reading Desk:The Boy’s Brigade
Central Aisle Carpet:Mr Thomas Mackie
Communion Table Lectern:Life Boys
Communion Table Runner:In memory of Mr. Charles. D.Wylie
Communion Table Bible:Sunday School
Pulpit Fall:Holy Rude Church, Stirling Women’s Guild
Pulpit Fall (Burning Bush):Girl Guides
Pew Bible:Anonymous Donor
Pulpit Bible:In memory of Mr. Bill Whyte
Hymn Books:Mrs Ellen Campbell

Other gifts to the church include the pews which were a part of the memorial in Loretto School Chapel in Musselburgh to old Etonians killed in the Boer War. These were presented to the Church in 1966 by the Trustees of the school.

Noah’s Ark Artwork presented to St. Mark’s by the children of Raploch Primary School.

We give thanks to God for the friendship and support that these gifts have symbolised through the years.