St. Mark’s: Past, Present & Future

We are coming together to celebrate the Past, Present and Future of St. Mark’s Parish Church. We will be holding a exhibition on Saturday 27 April.

However, we need YOUR help to make our exhibition as we are looking for people with a connection to St. Mark’s to get in touch.

Were you Christened in St. Mark’s or did you get married at St. Mark’s we would love to see your photos or even your Baptismal Certificate you may even have other memorabilia that you could loan us for our exhibition or do you have any stories from St. Mark’s you would like to share.

If you do have any photos or documents that you would be happy for us to use you can bring them along to the Church Halls between 1.45pm and 3.45pm each Wednesday starting on 13th March. We will have a team to chat to and help take copies of your photos and documents.