Rainbow of Hope Activity

This week we have been joining our Deacon Jean Porter for Daily Reflections session and she has been sharing with us a story about A Rainbow of Hope. Just check our front page for the story. We thought it would be good to follow this theme this week and encourage people to draw some pictures … [Read more…]

The Road to Emmaus

Hello and welcome back to our weekly Kidzone slot, we hope you all enjoyed last weeks Easter Story and you all had a great time celebrating Easter. Today we are going to be travelling along the road to Emmaus in a journey that happened not long after Jesus had died on the cross and had … [Read more…]

Creative fun

We hope you enjoyed last week’s activity where we asked you all to create a drawing or craft of your best friend. This week we are going to get more creative and this time we would like to ask everyone to be creative about their favourite part of Easter with their family. Now this could … [Read more…]

Creative fun

Here at St. Mark’s, normally today we would be overrun by kids attending Home Start. Unfortunately, they aren’t on. So inspired by the friendships made at the Home Start Group, we have thought of this creative bit of fun. This activity doesn’t need a printer or a computer just some craft items and the good … [Read more…]

Rainbow Trail

We have a second activity for kids to do today. This is a community-wide idea St. Mark’s friends and the Raploch Community Partnership have posted on their Facebook pages and is promoted on local Facebook groups. We want to encourage everyone to join in and draw or paint a rainbow and display it for people … [Read more…]