Daily Reflections

Good Morning and welcome to our Daily Reflections session on Good Friday, we join Rev. Barry Hughes live from the Manse.

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Today’s Bible readings are taking the form of a short video of readings that go through the events did Good Friday

Barry then shared with us a poem written by Fran Peck

The Crucifixion

I laughed and mocked as He walked that day,
up a hill to redeem my soul.
I joined the crowd to spit and jeer, 
and I watched His sorrow grow.
I drove every nail deep in His hands
with every sin in my heart.
My rebellion shoved the thorns in His head,
and my strife tore His robe apart.
I used my hatred to give Him a bitter drink,
and I glared down on Him with pride.
I thought of past disappointments,
and with my anger, I pierced His side.
I denied His power and ignored His worth
and stood waiting for His life to end.
I watched the last drop of His blood fall,
not knowing my grief would begin.
I looked around to find His accusers,
but no one was there but me.
I looked at my hands; they were stained with blood,
and then I began to see.
Conviction slowly entered my heart,
and I dropped all my weapons of choice:
the pride, the anger, the hatred, the lust,
and then I heard His voice.
“Forgive her Father, I died for her.
I paid the price for her soul,
I bore her sickness and all of her pain,
and now I have made her whole.”
He looked down on me with loving eyes.
He saw my present, my future, my past.
He knew I needed a Savior,
and my soul had found Him at last.
I looked around to find His accusers,
but no one was there but me.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-crucifixion

Thank you for joining us this morning for our Daily Reflections session, we would like to remind you that our Deacon Jean Porter will share with us Good Friday Reflections, this will go live on Facebook, YouTube and our Website at 3pm today.

Thank you all for joining us, our next Daily Reflections session will be on Monday at 11am however please join us live on Sunday at 11am for our Sunday Worship live from the Manse as always it will be added to our website and YouTube Channel.