Camp at Home

Good morning and welcome to our Camp at Home activities that are inspired by the scouts #campathome activity we hope you enjoy these fun and creative activities

We hope you enjoyed making your camp last week, now for a few more activities

Each of these activities are from the Scouts website so a huge thank you to them.

9 ways to deal with stress

We know that during this time it may be a little stressful for you and you may be a little worried, well thankful to the scouts they have come up with 9 different ways to help you during this time, so have a read of their 9 ways to deal with stress

Best Concert Ever

This activity is a great creative one for everyone, you have you have a look at different types of music and how you can make a poster for the best concert ever.

We have a good suggestion for the theme of this for you too.

At this time there are many people working throughout the world and we need to say thank you to them all, here in Scotland our nurses, doctors, police, paramedics, fire fighters, carers, bin men, delivery drivers, posties and many more are doing so much to help every one we need to say a massive thank you to them. So to do this we want to see people draw a poster for a concert that will be our thank you.

You can have any band or singer you want there, there more the merrier, we would ask that you keep it local to Stirling as we have a wonderful city that has a great backdrop for concerts. You could even make it a festival weekend and do more than one poster.

So let’s see your posters please share these with us.

Storm in a teacup

A quick and simple science experiment from the Scouts here.

You will need a jar, water, sand and washing up liquid.

Check out the scouts website for more information, Storm in a teacup

Fairly Baked Bannanas

This is a nice little cooking activity where you could make a great snack or even use it as your the desert for your Easter meal.

You just need some bananas and chocolate plus a few bits you will have at home.

Remember kids, please remember to get someone to help you.

For full details on this activity check the scouts website, fairly baked bananas

Now, we know you will want to share your pictures, drawings, crafts and even puzzles with us. If you do please take a photo of them and post them on the Raploch Connected Facebook Group.