Camp at Home

Good evening to all our campers, as you would have seen on Friday we announced that we would be taking part in a huge nationwide activity organised by the Scouts called Camp at Home.

We hope you enjoyed Fridays activities and are ready for an activity you can do throughout out the month of April as part of Camp at Home.

So everyone let’s join 1st Raploch Scouts and take part

Wildlife Diary

This is a great activity you can do throughout the Camp at Home event, all you need is paper and pen or pencil, you could even use your camera.

All you need to do is note down what different animals you can see from your home.

For more information check out the Scouts website page about this activity

Scout Wildlife Diary

We know you will be wanting to share this activity progress, with us and the wider community can we please ask that you share them on Facebook using the Raploch Connected group or if you can post on your own page (get a parent to post it in thiers) with the following tag #campathome.

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    Dear Raploch Scouts- “Camp at Home”. What a great idea! And if you are feeling shut in at home perhaps you might remember Baden Powell, the founder of the Scouts. He was ” shut in” for 217 days: besieged by an enemy at a place called Mafeking. Allowed out of the house but not the town. It is an exciting story and can be an inspiration.By holding out together Baden Powell and the people of Mafeking beat their enemy. We can do the same if we all work together to defeat our present enemy- coronavirus.
    Alan McKenzie.
    Once upon a TIme. Cub and Scout.

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