Saturday Prayer

Good morning to you all, this week our Saturday Prayer has come from one of our members, Alan McKenzie.

Sweet Healing.

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul,

 healing to the bones.” (Psalm 16.24)

Loving, caring, compassionate God,

We thank you for the wonders of the digital world-

for the internet, smart phones, tablets, lap tops,

Skype, Facebook, Zoom and Microsoft Teams-

each marvellous when correctly and safely used,

all wonderful at opening minds to the outside world:

helping us keep in touch, 

bringing people together,

               opening up hearts to the love of Christ.

Yet there are those who do not have access

to such modern wonders.

Therefore we also give thanks for other ways 

of connecting with one another and with you:

the land line telephone,

               letters and cards, the humble postage stamp,

the printed page, radio and television,

                  conversations held two meters apart–.

However it happens, O God,

however your Holy Spirit chooses to work;

we thank you for Christian fellowship 

and for the good news of your love

for all people and for all creation

especially as brought to us 

in the words of the Bible.

Dear Father, Bless us in these difficult days.

Prepare us so that when we meet together again          our church may be 

a sweet, healing and welcoming place.


              Alan McKenzie. 28th April, 2020.