Saturday Prayer

Hello to all our friends today and welcome to our Saturday Prayer. The prayers we share on Saturday are all written by the people of St. Mark’s

This week our prayer is from our friend Rev. Maggie Roderick.

Gracious God
As Good Friday left the disciples in a state of loss,
today we remain in our own state of loss,
for the lives we know and take for granted,
as lockdown continues
and a virus rages through the world

As your disciples were locked away in fear
more than two millennia ago.
So many live in fear, 
locked away in isolation.
We think of them now.

We know this will pass at some time.
As spring follows winter, bringing new life,
we know you will bring us new life,
and with it, new hope,
through your son, who rose again.

Tomorrow we will celebrate that first Easter morning.
We know it will be different.
We won’t be rolling eggs down hills,
Or celebrating together
in beautifully decorated churches.

Instead, we will still be together,
greeting each other with joy,
singing ‘Hallelujah’ in our homes
sharing online worship.

For as you bring new life,
you have shown us new ways to connect with each other,
new ways to support each other
and new ways to worship you.
We thank you with all our hearts.

As we navigate these strange times
we ask you to cradle us in your arms,
envelope us with your love,
guide us out of the darkness,
and shine the light of your life on all of your children.

Share your love and peace with all who need it,
in the name of Christ, who lives and reigns with you

Thank you Maggie for sharing this prayer with us all. If you would like to share a prayer for our weekly Saturday Prayers please leave us a comment and we will get in touch.

We would like to once again invite you to join us in our shared online worship service tomorrow at 11am over on our Facebook page for those of you who can’t join us on Facebook we will share the service here on our website and on our YouTube channel shortly after.