Challenge Cafe

The Challange Cafe is our online activities for adults brought to you by our Young @ Heart Ladies and our Him Indoors men. These activities and ideas are aimed at our older friends but most will be great for all.


Our first activity is an Anagram Quiz, we have a series of anagrams below and clues about the word we are looking for.

  1. To carry on doing the same thing. ONE TUNIC
  2. To stay where you are. A MINER
  3. Moving quickly on your legs. NUN GRIN
  4. You walk on this, along the side of a road. FAT PHOTO
  5. The American word for footpath. WEAK LIDS
  6. Cars, buses, bicycles, trucks, etc. FIR FACT
  7. Using your legs to move. LANK WIG
  8. Using a chair to stay where you are. STING IT
  9. Being upright on your legs, not walking or running. STING DAN
  10. Remaining in the same place. TINY SAG
  11. To wind or turn in different directions. ME A NERD
  12. Went off the path or got lost. REST DAY
  13. One of the colours of a traffic light. BREAM
  14. A deed. The process of doing something. A TONIC
  15. This is where you catch a train. SAT ON IT
  16. You stand on this while waiting for a train. TRAM FLOP
  17. You pay this to travel on a bus or train. FEAR
  18. To move or roam casually. WARNED
  19. If the traffic is heavy, you travel at this speed. SLY OWL
  20. An adjective meaning ‘speedy’. A DRIP

We will publish the answers next week so why not have a go.

Not liking the idea of anagrams then try the Only Fool and horses word search

We hope these help keep you entertained for a bit.

Now, we know you will want to share your pictures, drawings, crafts and even puzzles with us. If you do please take a photo of them and post them on the Raploch Connected Facebook Group.