Challenge Cafe

Welcome back to the Challenge Cafe, this week we are going to bring you some more activities for you all.

The first activity is another one from our Him Indoors men, the have been working out a cool way to make some garden games with items you may have around the house, they even say these games can be played indoors too.

Game 1

Hoopla or Ring toss, the first thing you need is 6 to 9 large plastic juice bottles, fill them with some water and put the lid on tightly. You can give each bottle a score value on them we would suggest 2 bottles worth 10 points 1 bottle worth 20 points, 2 worth 30 points and 1 worth 50 points, set them up in a triangle as follows

10, 20, 10
30, 30

Next something to make rings, the Him Indoors team have said you can use lots of different things for this they have said rope, card, paper or even cardboard, the instructions they have gave us make a ring that is just a bit bigger than the diameter of the bottles roughly 4 inches or 100mm. We would suggest you use cardboard as it’s easy to work with, so here is a quick guide to make card board rings.

Get some card board and mark out some rings on it we suggest get a small plate like a saucer draw around that for your centre hole and get a larger tea plate for the outer edge of the ring. You will need at least 6 rings.

Once you have the rings and bottles you can play the game with your family.

You want to make sure you set the bottles up and then stand about 8 to 10 feet away and try throwing the rings over the bottles (reduce the distance for kids)

Game 2

Giant noughts and crosses, apparently this game is great fun to play not just with your household but you can play with your neighbours too and still maintain social distancing.

You can make a giant noughts and crosses board out of 4 strips of card or paper to mark out your board and then you need to make some noughts and crosses, this is easily done with paper draw them out then cut them out.

Now the fun bit playing we all know the rules but just to remind you the first to get 3 in a row wins.

How do we play with our neghibours that’s easy you can stick your board to a window or out side on the fence but this will need your neghibours to have a board too.

Last week’s answers

Last week we had some word wheels for you to do

Here are the solutions

Wheel 1 (I)

9-letter word – EDUCATION

Some other words of five letters or more containing the hub letter I:
actin, adieu, antic, audio, audit, canid, cited, coati, cutie, dicot, dicta, edict,
indue, nicad, tenia, tonic, tunic, unite, untie, action, atonic, auntie, coined,
detain, induce, induct, notice, united, untied, aconite, auction, caution,
conduit, noctuid, noticed.

Wheel 2 (E)

9-letter word – CELEBRITY

Some other words of five letters or more containing the hub letterĀ E:
beery, belie, beret, beryl, betel, birle, biter, creel, elect, elite, erect,
eyrie, leery, liter (litre), lycee, rebel, relic, retie, terce (tierce), tiler,
tribe, trice, celery, eerily, recite, relict, tercel (tiercel), treble, erectly,
liberty, reticle, celerity.

Wheel 3 (B)

9-letter word – BEAUTIFUL

Some other words of four letters or more containing the hub letter B:
abet, able, abut, bail, bait, bale, bate, beat, beau, belt, beta, bile, bite,
blae (Scot), blue, flab, flub, tabi, tuba, tube, beaut, befit, bleat, built,
fable, table, tubal, albeit, albite, fibula, tubful, tubule.