Challenge Cafe

Welcome to our challenge cafe we hope you enjoyed last weeks anagram quiz and word search, the answers to the anagrams will be at the end of this page. Today though our Him Indoors group and our Young @ Heart Ladies group have a few more challenges for you to try and as always they are for all ages and some great oldies that will certainly give you plenty of fun with the kids.

Activity 1 – Stop the Bus

This is a fun game that is for 2 or more players or teams of all ages and all you need is paper, pen or pencil, timer and a bit of imagination.

The aim of the game is to have a set of categories where you need to find something in that category beginning with the letter you pick you need to fill in as many of the categories as possible and to win you need to do it before the other player(s)

How to play.

Get a sheet of paper for each player and write along the top your categories we suggest the following

  1. Girls name
  2. Boys name
  3. Movie name
  4. Item in house
  5. Kids TV show
  6. Food
  7. Drink
  8. Colour
  9. City
  10. Country
  11. Animal
  12. Sport
  13. Item of clothing
  14. A song
  15. Singer or Band

Then down the left of the page write the letter you are going to use for the round we suggest getting the youngest player to pick the first letter.

Then set your timer, you can decide on how long you have for each round we would recommend starting with 5 minutes to see how that goes.

Once a player or team completes each category they need to shout


Everyone stops and we check the answers and give a point for each correct answer and an extra 3 points to the player or team that stop the bus.

If no one stops the bus and time runs out just check the answers and give a point for each correct answer and a extra point to the winners.

We hope you enjoy this game and one great thing about this game you can play it with people not just in your house you could play it with your friends and family by using video call on messenger apps.

Activity 2 – Make your own Dominoes

Our Him Indoors group enjoy playing games like dominoes so they suggested that a great activity would be to play dominoes during this time. We told them this might be difficult for some as they don’t have any dominoes.

Well they suggested we could all make our own dominoes sets….so let’s make some.

What you will need

  • Card, paper or Cardboard
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

First we need to mark our on our card or paper rectangles measuring 5cms by 2.5cms we are going to need 28 of these.

Once you have marked them out cut them out (get a grown up to help)

Now you have your 28 domino pieces we need to mark them so they are real dominoes, if you follow the picture below it will help you.

You don’t need to use dots you can use numbers too.

Activity 3 – Playing dominoes

We now have made our dominoes in the last activity so it’s time to play.

Place all the dominoes face down on the table and mix them up, then each player picks 6 dominoes don’t let the other player see what you get

The player with the highest numbered domino (hopefully a double) and places it down then picks up a new domino from the side.

Then the other player has to place a domino down that has the same number on it to match up so for example say the first domino had a 5 and a 6 on it the only numbers that can be played is a 5 or 6. Once the place their domino down they pick up another from the side. Each player keeps taking a turn until either all dominoes are used or it isn’t possible for another move to be made.

The player who uses all their dominoes up first wins or if you can’t make another move the player with the least dominoes wins.

Last week’s answers

Anagram Answers 1

1. To carry on doing the same thing. ONE TUNIC = CONTINUE

2. To stay where you are. A MINER = REMAIN

3. Moving quickly on your legs. NUN GRIN = RUNNING

4. You walk on this, along the side of a road. FAT PHOTO = FOOTPATH

5. The American word for footpath. WEAK LIDS = SIDEWALK

6. Cars, buses, bicycles, trucks, etc. FIR FACT = TRAFFIC

7. Using your legs to move. LANK WIG = WALKING

8. Using a chair to stay where you are. STING IT = SITTING

9. Being upright on your legs, not walking or running. STING DAN = STANDING

10. Remaining in the same place.      TINY SAG = STAYING

11. To wind or turn in different directions. ME A NERD = MEANDER

12. Went off the path or got lost. REST DAY = STRAYED

13. One of the colours of a traffic light. BREAM = AMBER

14. A deed. The process of doing something. A TONIC = ACTION

15. This is where you catch a train. SAT ON IT = STATION

16. You stand on this while waiting for a train. TRAM FLOP = PLATFORM

17. You pay this to travel on a bus or train. FEAR = FARE

18. To move or roam casually. WARNED = WANDER

19. If the traffic is heavy, you travel at this speed. SLY OWL = SLOWLY

20. An adjective meaning ‘speedy’. A DRIP = RAPID