The Link magazine connects all the folks who are part of St. Mark’s family. From the youngest to the oldest; from our active folks to our less able who can no longer attend worship due to age or illness.


Click on the links below to access the most recent issues.  The web version can easily be read online or you may prefer to print in booklet format.


We hope you will enjoy the articles and will feel that you are part of the life of St. Mark’s.

Link Booklet Issue 5 2017 November

Link Booklet Issue 4 2017 September 

Link Issue 3 General Assembly 2017 A4 Web

Link Issue 2 Easter  2017 

Link Issue 1  2017 February 

Link Booklet Issue 4 2016 

Link Issue 3  2016 June 

Link Issue 2   2016 April

Link Issue 2 Booklet 2016 APRIL 

Link Issue 1   2016 feb

Link Issue 1 Booklet 2016 feb


Link Booklet  Issue 5 2015

Link Booklet A5 Issue 5 2015


Link Booklet Issue 4 2015 WEB A4   plus   CTT Pull-Out Article  – Sept 2015 – WEB A4

Link Booklet A5 Issue 4 2015    plus       CTT Pull-Out Article – Sept 2015 booklet


Link Booklet A4 web version Issue 3 2015

Link Booklet A5 Issue 3 Booklet 2015


Link Booklet A4 web version Issue 2 2015

Link Booklet A5 Issue 2 Booklet 2015


Link Booklet A5  Issue 1 Booklet 2015



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