Welfare Reform

Worried about how the Welfare Reform Act and Housing Benefit changes will affect you?

You can find groups and organisations available at Raploch Campus that can help you prepare for and manage the changes as well as keeping you informed. This is in addition to  practical help and advice on a variety of related diseases and support when the changes take effect.

The changes will affect anyone of working age receiving any of the financial assistance listed below:

Housing Benefit

Personal Independence Payments

Jobseekers Allowance

Employment Support Allowance

Income Support

Incapacity Benefit

Working Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

Also: Universal Credit

The current welfare reforms have been ongoing for the past couple of years. The change from Incapacity Benefit to Employment Support Allowance and the introduction of the Local Housing Allowance to replace Housing Benefit for private tenants is already hitting many Raploch residents. The government’s Welfare Reform Act  will affect many more as it is rolled out over the coming years. If you receive any of the above, these reforms WILL affect you.

Local housing law will change, with those of working age dependent on housing benefit and with a spare room being expected to pay more or move!

The government is also changing the way that benefits are paid and to whom they are paid. These changes will mean that households receiving benefit and tax credit income will see a significant change in the wa they are required to manage their money.

Raploch Campus and its many associated organisations and groups are available to bring a variety of advice and help. The organisations are committed to doing what they can to ensure Raploch is well informed and ready for the changes that are coming.Help is available at all stages and for all residents.

Please click here to find details of some of the organisations that can help . Please speak to any of these or contact them by phone or Email. A booklet will be produced listing all the help available so you can get in touch directly with the best person to answer your query.

Don’t be caught out – get prepared and informed!



Click on the above Link to see a new film produced by Danny Ogierman of Faith in Community Scotland, who worked with us through the Tackling Poverty Together project. See what is happening in our communities including Raploch.

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