Year of Young People Prayer

Welcoming God,
You welcome all of us with your open arms.
Inspire and guide us,
that we may we never hinder your children
from coming to you;
and remember that we are all part of your family. Bring us together as a loving community for all, that we may learn from each other
as we walk side by side in faith.

Loving God,
We pray for those who have come to know you,
whether that relationship is new
or if they have made a commitment to you
and stepped out in faith;
we pray that they would grow
in grace and knowledge
as they continue their walk with you.
We pray for those far away from you.
Meet them where they are
and give them the courage and strength
to make the right decisions, that they may come
to know and experience your gracious love.

Caring and Compassionate God,
We pray and ask you to guide and protect
children and young people from that which
may restrict them on their journey in life and faith.
We pray for the day when all children in the world
can be just that: children.
Be with them as they experience
the dangers and injustices
that are ever present in our world today.

Nurturing God,
We pray for all those who work with
and support children and young people –
for those of all ages who give
their time, talents and love
to create a place in churches and communities
that can be the foundation
of growth, confidence
and a relationship with you.

Calling God,
You call us to follow, to serve,
to welcome and to share.
We come now to answer your call,
to lift our minds and voices to you,
and to thank and praise you
for all the children and young people
in our churches, communities, country and world.

We ask that you would walk alongside them
and grant them courage, strength and wisdom
as they face the challenges of life.

Guiding God,
As we travel
through this Year of Young People and beyond,
help us to come alongside
children and young people
to draw closer to you,
to answer your call to follow, to serve,
to welcome and to share together, through the Holy Spirit,
We offer these prayers
through Jesus Christ our Lord,