Year of Young People

St. Mark’s are taking part in the Year of Young People where we will focus on the young people within the St. Mark’s community, please keep checking back for more info on the Year of Young People.

We have been doing lots of different work so far this year for our young people we have been working with them at Super Group, St. Mark’s @ Sainsbury’s and Family Church. We have our Volunteers Thanksgiving Pot-Luck Supper coming up on Saturday 3rd June where we are going to thank all our young volunteers and focus on some of their work they have do to help us help more young people.

We recently asked for our young people to write down their dreams for St. Mark’s and we got some excellent responses. You can see them in our gallery below.

We have a lot more planned for our Young People this year as we work towards our Holiday Club (we will add more about that in a section of its own soon)

We would like to ask all our friends to pray for all our young people who make St. Mark’s the great family that it is. We have theĀ Year of Young People Prayer which you can use for this.

Please keep checking back for more updates on our Year of the Young People.