Family Church

Welcome to our Family Church page where you can find out more about our goings on at family church.


FAMILY CHURCH meets on the first Sunday in each month normally at 2pm in the Church halls, occasionally we will meet together for for Family Church @ Church in the morning but we will let you know when we plan to do that.

At our recent Family Church on 6th May we had a great time learning more about Pentecost and exploring the promise of Jesus.

One of our activities was Sand trays, we had 4 trays set up each with a mystery verse from the bible hidden under a layer of play sand.






The object of the activity is to reveal the bible verse using your hands to move the sand around the tray to try and reveal the bible verse.






It can be a bit tricky to fully reveal your bible verse as your not allowed to remove sand from the tray but with a bit of time….






….you finally have your verse fully revealed, YAY!







We also had some great colouring in this month as always. 

One of our other activities was Biblical Jenga – we had our Jenga game out but some pieces had small verses from the Bible on it, the aim of this activity was to play Jenga as you normally do but read out the small verses you got as you moved a block.

Why not come along for our next Family Church on Sunday 3rd June at 1.30pm for lunch with our service and fun activities starting at 2pm. More information on what we will be doing is coming soon.