Saturday Prayer

This week our prayer has been worse by our web team,

Lord God,
You continue to guide us through this storm like a shepherd guiding his flock, you have gifted many with the gifts to help in so many ways and we thank you Lord.
You have comforted those suffering from this virus even those who are suffering in many other ways than being ill, you have comforted the lonely, the isolated, the child who can't meet their friends, the teachers who worry about their kids, the parents who feel stuck with no escape, the nurse caring for those ill, the relatives of people who have been lost. You have comforted them all.
You have guided many in this community to help each other to make sure everyone is looked after. Many people have come together throughout communities in this country and beyond to have community entertainment, that people can enjoy from their doors and windows
We thank you Lord for your guidance, support, comfort and love shown not just around us and this small community but throughout our country and the rest of the world.
Lord we also pray for all the struggles in the world that seem to have been forgotten just now, let those who have been cast adrift feel your warmth and comfort, let them know we are still here trying to help however we can.
We now have a moment of silent prayer to pray not just for those people we know but all those who need our prayers especially for the men and women of our armed forces, who have sadly lost their life serving their country, please hold them in our prayers, we have not forgotten them. We will remember them.........

Lord God you know all our prayers both those spoken and those which remain unspoken we offer all of these prayers in the name of your son Jesus Christ 

We would like to once again invite you to join us in our shared online worship service tomorrow at 11am over on our Facebook page for those of you who can’t join us on Facebook we will share the service here on our website and on our YouTube channel shortly after.