Saturday Prayer

Welcome to our Saturday Prayer this week our prayer is from our web team.


This week as we continue in this period of lockdown, social distancing and isolation we have seen yet again communities across the world come together to help the most vulnerable in their communities. Here in Raploch we have seen neghibours, friends, family and strangers all helping others. We want to thank you Lord for all these people and how they help other some even don’t realise they are helping but just now even a quick “hello” can mean the world to some of our community.

Lord we want to thank you for being with all those who are struggling just now even if they aren’t on their own we know many family will be suffering some hardship as income has stopped and with no sign of getting back to normal in sight, many don’t know what they can do. Lord please watch over these people and guide them to support and help.

Lord this week we have been on a journey about the Rainbow of Hope and we are travelling on this journey just now as we hope to get back to our normal daily lives where we can come together again in your Church, Lord please continue to guide us through this journey and let our friends know we are safe and keep our friends safe.

Lord we want to thank you for all those who are out every day working in our hospitals battling against Coronavirus give them all strength to continue their vital work, comfort them and guide them as they battle on against Coronavirus.

Lord there are many people who some have forgotten about during this crisis but are still working on the front line, these are our bin men, gas engineers, electricians, plumbers, teachers, shop workers, telephone operators, delivery drivers and many more professionals who are still working from home keeping the frontline informed and provided for. These people are important to us all just now, please continue you to give them the strength and knowledge to continue on let them know their communities appreciate them.

Lord we want to ask you to help people understand that it is still important to stay away from visiting family and friends just now, help our young people understand that we need them to stay home to keep everyone safe. Lord we want to thank you for the strength you have given to us all at this time.

Lord we know there have been many people affected by this virus throughout the world many families have lost loved ones please comfort them all and guide them through their loss and grief. Let them know they are not alone in this dark time, that there is many people in their communities who are there for them.

Lord as we close we want to thank you for guiding us all through this turbulent journey. We know it’s likely to be a long journey but you have gifted people with some great gifts that they are using to help others during this time.

Thank you Lord in the name of your son Jesus Christ