Saturday Prayer

Good morning to all our friends we hope you have enjoyed joining us for our Daily Reflections this week.

As we have been doing each Saturday we have been bringing you a prayer written by our members and friends. This week one of our elders Jennifer Stewart has written this short prayer

Dear lord  
We give thanks and pray for those who have gave their love, devotion, duty and service in these trying times.  

We pray for the careers who gave time to do their charges Shopping in their own time. Others who are staying isolated in the care homes with their charges ,some a month at a time,not seeing their own families. 

We pray for the respite careers who if they can give a break to families. 

We pray for the community nurses who go out to take care of patients, maybe doing daily dressing of wounds and pain management. 

We pray for the corner shop keeper who try to source what we need. 

We pray for the fishermen and farmers who if they can keep the supply of a well loved food supply going. 

We pray for the driver keeping supplies moving and getting the key workers safely to their jobs.

We pray for the community groups working to help those isolated and in need of support.

And Lord we pray for our church locally here at St. Mark's and our wider church family throughout the Presbytery of Stirling and the Church of Scotland, we pray for our friends at other churches in our community to in particular we pray for St. Margaret's and the Salvation Army.

Lord here our prayers and keep us in your thoughts. Amen.

Thank you Jennifer for taking time to led us in prayer today. If you would like to lead us in prayer on a Saturday we would love to hear from you, just leave a comment below or contact our Facebook page.

We would like to once again invite you to join us in our shared online worship service tomorrow at 11am over on our Facebook page for those of you who can’t join us on Facebook we will share the service here on our website and on our YouTube channel shortly after.