Crochet Poppy

This is the Crochet pattern that we have found.

You Will Need

  • 3.5 mm crochet hook
  • Red double knitting yarn
  • Black button
  • Sewing needles and thread

How to Make


  • ch = chain
  • dc = double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • tr = treble crochet

Work 4 ch and make a sl st into the 1st chain to form a ring, then continue as follows:

Round 1: 3 ch (counts as 1tr), 15 tr into ring and join with sl st into the 3rd chain of the starting 3 ch

Row 1: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1tr into the same st, 2tr into each of the next 3 sts (8 sts) and turn

Row 2: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1 tr into the next st, then 2tr into eah of the next 4 sts, then 1tr into
each of the following 2sts. (12sts) and turn

Row 3: 1ch and 1 dc into the same st, * 2ch and 1dc into the next st *, repeat from * until the end of the petal sl st down the side of the poppy and into the next st on round 1, repeat rows 1 to 3 to make the next petal continue until you have made all 4 petals. Fasten off.

Making Up

Sew in all loose ends and sew on a black button, then fix onto the back of the poppy either a
safety pin or a brooch pin.