Daily Reflections

Welcome to our Wednesday Daily Reflections session with our Deacon Jean Porter. This week all our sessions are pre-recorded and will be published each day at 11am across all our outlets. Reading Today we shared in reading from Ephesians 1:3-14

Daily Reflections

Good morning, welcome to our Daily Reflections session with our Deacon Jean Porter this week our sessions are all pre-recorded. Each of these sessions is published on all our platforms at 11am Reading Our reading today is from Luke 24:36-

Zoom Coffee Morning help guide

Hello all, we had our first Zoom coffee morning today and noticed a few people were having some difficulties accessing it so we have worked to provide you a short guide and YouTube video. You need to download the Zoom app from your app store, just go into your app store and search for Zoom. … [Read more…]

Daily Reflections

This week we join our Deacon Jean Porter for our Daily Reflections sessions these sessions are not live sessions and are all pre-recorded. Each day this week these sessions will be published at 11am across all our regular platforms. Reading Today our read in is from John 3 reading verses 14 to 20.

Sunday Worship

Good morning and welcome to our Sunday Worship service live from the Manse with Barry. Call to Worship We gather to join all of creation in declaring and delighting in the glory of God by the grace of our Rock and our Redeemed, Jesus Christ. Our opening hymn is Dear Lord and Father of Mankind … [Read more…]

Virtual Coffee Morning

Here at St. Mark’s we have embraced technology like many other churches throughout the country. This week we are diving further into the world of technology as we host a Daily Coffee Morning via Zoom which can easily be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store or be accessed easily on PC. From Monday … [Read more…]

Saturday Prayer

This week our prayer has been worse by our web team, Lord God, You continue to guide us through this storm like a shepherd guiding his flock, you have gifted many with the gifts to help in so many ways and we thank you Lord. You have comforted those suffering from this virus even those … [Read more…]