Church Review

On Saturday 29th July we hosted our Church review event, where we asked members of the congregation to come along and let us know what we do well, what needs improved and what should we be doing. The event was well attended on the Saturday and some excellent feedback was provided about all the things … [Read more…]

Group Updates

We have been slowly winding down our groups as we approach the Summer break. We have now had our last St. Mark’s @ Sainsbury’s, Family Church and 1-2-1 Bible Study of this session. Super Group and the Explorers have also had their last meetings of the session but they still have their end of session … [Read more…]

Past, Present and Future Exhibition

We would like to invite everyone to come along to our Past, Present and Future Exhibition this Saturday (27th). We have had a lot of different items handed in and we also have found a few surprises in our cupboards too. We will be displaying our history from when St. Mark’s started right through to … [Read more…]

Raploch Mens Shed Survey Online

We have had a few people have issues submitting our pdf and word versions of the survey we have created an online version of the survey make it easier for people to submit. You can read more about the Raploch Mens Shed here

St. Mark’s: Past, Present & Future

Were you married in St. Mark’s Church?Were you or your children baptised at St. Mark’s?Did you attend Sunday School or Boys’ Brigade here? We want to hear from you. We’d love to have a copy of your Wedding Invitation or Baptismal Certificate. Perhaps you still have a Sunday School birthday card or your BB hat, … [Read more…]