Jesus calms the Storm

Hello, and welcome to our series of posts that will explore some of the Bible stories with our young people. But as is traditional here at St. Mark’s, kids of all ages are welcome to take part in the same way as those who come along to St. Mark’s @ Sainsbury’s and the Ark Roadshow.

Bible Reading

It was late. The crowds had gone home, long ago. Jesus said to his friends, “Let’s cross the lake before it gets dark.” So, they climbed into the boat and Jesus lay down on a cushion at the back of the boat. He was tired. Soon he was fast asleep. Others boats travelled with them across the lake.

Soon they were in the middle of the lake. A great storm blew up. The rain and the wind battered the little boats. Jesus’ friends became scared. They thought they might die.

“Jesus!”, they shouted. “Don’t you care that we are all going to die!”

Jesus woke up. He saw the rain and felt the strong winds. He stood up. “Be still!” he shouted in a loud voice.

The rain stopped. The wind stopped. The sea became calm.

“Where is your faith?”, he asked his friends.

“Who is this man that even the waves and the winds obey him?”, they asked one another.

Based on Mark 4: 35-41

The disciples had been with Jesus a long time but they still did not know that when he was with them, they did not need to be afraid. No matter what kind of storm or difficult time we face, when we have Jesus with us, we can face it without being afraid. If you are worried or afraid, ask Jesus to be with you. He has promised to be with us till the end of time.

We thought this song would be good to share too.


Our activity for today is to either print off the picture below and colour it in or if you can’t print it out then you could draw a picture of Jesus in the boat.

Thank you to

We will bring you another activity later this week.

Finally a prayer,

Dear God,

We are all worried because we are not at our school or work but must stay at home.

We are worried about our friends and family,

But we know your son Jesus Christ is with us always, and is closer now, to help guide us through this storm.

We know Jesus will comfort us when we are worried and afraid.

We want to pray with thankfulness for all those helping others and we are thankful to Jesus for guiding and comforting us all.


Now, we know you will want to share your pictures, drawings, crafts and even puzzles with us. If you do please take a photo of them and post them on the Raploch Connected Facebook Group.

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