Word from Presbytery about Funerals.

Good evening, we are sharing the following post from Presbytery of Stirling as it contains some important information….

As restrictions around funerals tighten, if you find yourself, sadly, in a situation whereby a loved one has passed away and wondering what to do re a funeral, speak to your local Church of Scotland minister. We can offer a number of options when it comes to marking your loved one’s death.

If crematoria still allowing services albeit with limited attendance we are still available to lead a service. Similarly if you opt for a graveside service.

If no service allowed at crematorium then we can offer words of commendation and committal which we can say on your behalf from our churches or homes, ensuring you get a copy of what was said. Some also have the facilities to offer a shared service via webcasting.

We want to be able to help you in your grief. We are here for everyone.

We take our parish ministry seriously.



Presbytery of Stirling, Facebook post

Our ministry team here at St. Mark’s are contactable throughout this time.

Please contact Rev. Barry Hughes on 07597 386762 or Jean Porter D.C.S. 07729 316321 if you require any advice or pastoral care.