Women in the Bible, Deborah

Thank you for joining us for our next Women in the Bible session, this week we meet Deborah.

This journey so far we have met Eve, Rachel & Leah, Rahab, and Ruth

Our Women in the Bible series is a journey through the Bible meeting some of the Women of the Bible we will be joining our own women from the Young @ Heart Ladies Groip for this journey

Deborah      Judges 4 & 5

 I am Deborah. My name means ‘bee’ or ‘wasp’. I am married to Lapidoth.

I am the leader of Israel also a judge. I judge the people of Israel sitting under my palm tree.   They come to me because they know I will judge wisely and well with God’s help. I am a prophet too, which means telling people things that God wants them to know. 

Some time ago, Jabin, a Caananite king, was trying to take over Israel. His general was Sisera. The people of Israel asked God for help. God told me what to do. I spoke to Barak and made him commander of the army, “The Lord says go to Mount Tabor and take 10,000 men with you.  I will lead Sisera and all his troops and their chariots to you.” 

But Barak said, “I will go if you go with me.  I won’t go if you don’t go with me. I was annoyed with him and said, “Yes, I’ll go with you but you will not get the credit.  The reward of the defeat of Sisera will go to a woman.”

So Barak did as the Lord had asked him. He got his 10,000 men and together, we went to Mount Tabor. Off Barak went with his men to fight with Sisera and his men.  Sisera and his men were surprised. They saw the thousands of Barak’s men heading toward them and they got into their chariots to run away. Sisera got out of his chariot and ran as fast as he could. Barak chased the other men a long way and when he caught up with them, he defeated the entire army of Sisera.

Sisera kept running as fast as he could until eventually he came to the tent of Jael. Jael invited him into the tent with her. Sisera asked her for some water. She gave him milk. “Stand at the entrance and if anyone asks if I am here, you tell them no,” said Sisera. She covered him with a blanket and told him to sleep. While he was there, she killed him. Barak arrived looking for Sisera.  Jael said.  “I will show you the man you are looking for.” I had told Barak earlier that the reward of the defeat of Sisera will go to a woman. I was right. 

Everyone lived in peace for 40 years after this.


You can print off the colouring in activity below or if you want you can get creative and draw your own picture.

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