Weekly News

This week at St. Mark’s all our church groups are taking a break as the schools are on holiday and we have a few jobs to do around the church and halls, but we will return to normal service on Monday 22 October.

We want to thank everyone who helped out and supporter our Joint Harvest Service last week with St. Margaret’s and the Salvation Army all the donations of tinned goods and fruit and vegetables were delivered to Start Up Stirling and the Salvation Army thanks to Hugh and John.

Between the Lines

Our friends at Ladywell Church in Bannockburn will host a film show ‘Between the Lines’ on Israel/Palestine. This is on Thursday 18 October at 7.30pm, the film lasts for approximately 50 minutes and will be followed by a question and answer session with the Rav. Dr Grant Barclay

Challenge Poverty Sunday 

We will be marking Challange Poverty Sunday on Sunday 28 October during our morning service, all are welcome.

Priority Areas ‘Big Conversation’ 

The Priority Areas ‘Big Conversation’ will take place from Tuesday 6th October 10am to Wednesday 7th October 2.30pm at Erskin Bridge Hotel. If you want to go please speak to David Russell. 

Pause with Poppies 

If you are planning to knitt or crochet some poppies for our Pause with Poppies display you can drop them off at the church or if you can’t get get to the church we have a few collection points thanks to local partners, one collection point is at Sainsbury’s at their customer service desk and another collection point is at Shop Mobility next to the Bus Station in Stirling. We want to thank both Sainsbury’s and Shop Mobility for helping us with the collection points.

Rememberance Teas

The annual community Rememberance event will take place in the village square on 9 November following this service we will host a Rememberance Tea, we are needing some volunteers to help us with this please speak to Jean or Claire if you can help.

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