Raploch Mens Shed Survey Online

We have had a few people have issues submitting our pdf and word versions of the survey we have created an online version of the survey make it easier for people to submit.

You can read more about the Raploch Mens Shed here

Raploch Mens Shed Survey
A men’s shed is a space where men can make, mend or try something new. What would you like to *
The shed is also a space where men can get together, what would make it a good place to be, for you? *
How often would you like it to be open? *
What time of day would you like it to be open: *
Even teas & coffees cost money, never mind resources for activities, how much would you be willing to put in the Kitty *
Now tell us, if you could have all or some of the things you have suggested for the Shed, would you come? *
And would you invite your friends to come too? *
One final thing, we need to ask if you are human or not for our survey to work.