Pyramid Rock Holiday Club 2018

Our annual holiday club was last week, this year as you know it was Pyramid Rock and we were transported off to Egypt for a week of fun, games, crafts and learning about the story of Joseph.

We had over 30 children come along throughout the week and joined the team on their journey up the Nile the children and helpers met a few interesting people including Lyn the Bin, Captain Ketchup, Dr Potty and Denise. The also had a few stops to do some Pyramid Challenges which went from flapping a fish up the Nile to our famous Jelly Walk.

It was such a fun packed week we are going to try and give a round up on all the action for all those who missed out so please look out for our Pyramid Rock Round-up which will hopefully let you all see how much fun was had by the children and our helpers.