Looking for a new Minister, Nomination Committee

As you will all be aware, St. Mark’s are beginning the process of looking for a new minister. This process has some formalities to go through and we will be working to explain these and to keep the congregation informed on where we are in finding our new Minister.

Firstly ,we have begun the process to form a nominating committee that will be responsible for bringing a nominee to the congregation of St. Mark’s.

The nominating committee will be formed of 13 people from St. Mark’s These need to be from the church’s nominal roll which consists of members of St. Mark’s congregation but can include also people who attend St. Mark’s @ Sainsbury’s, Family Church, Youth Group and our wider church family. For more information, please email St. Mark’s office¬† at:


Please make sure you contact us before Thursday 30th November 2017 to ensure that your name is on the Electoral Register. The Kirk Session will be meeting at 7pm that evening to finalise the Register.

If you discover that your name is not included, and you wish to be, you can write to our Session Clerk, giving the reasons why you feel your name should be included prior to this meeting. You are also welcome to attend this meeting to advise as to why you feel you should be included on the Electoral Register.

Our Session Clerk, David Russell made a few announcements recently at 2 of our Sunday services to inform the congregation about the upcoming meeting to select the nominating committee. Both these files are in word format.



On Sunday 3rd December 2017, following the morning service, we have the opportunity to nominate individuals to the nominating committee. We will be providing soup and sandwiches to all who join us.