Family Church

Our monthly Family Church Service will take place on Sunday 3rd March at 1.30pm in the small hall.

We have a great story to explore and will have tea, coffee and food for all.

Can you guess the story we are going to explore from these clues.

Clue 1

The story is about the woman in this picture. This woman was a compassionate person, she loved to help others

Clue 2

They story is about a journey of a family and how they met the woman this story is about.

Clue 3

The family started their journey in Bethlehem and headed for Moab. Where they met the woman this story is about as she married their son.

Clue 4

Tragedy struck though for the family as both sons and their father died which left the women with no one to look after them, the woman this story is about decided to join her mother-in-law and go to Bethlehem.

Clue 5

As this woman worked hard to glean hard from the fields so her and her mother-in-law could eat she was noticed by the man who owned the field.

Clue 6

The owner of the field was related to this woman’s mother-in-law and he would soon marry the woman this story is about.

So can you work out who the story is about and can you manage to name all the people in the story, don’t worry if you can’t we will find out on Sunday, where we will explore this story.

We will also explore where food comes from and how far your pizza can travel before you even eat it.

So let’s come together to learn and worship this Sunday.