Induction Service important information

We are looking forward to tomorrow evening when the Rev. Barry Hughes  will be inducted as our minister. Many will be travelling distances to be with us for this special occasion and we look forward to welcoming Barry’s family, friends and colleagues to St. Mark’s. If you are planning to come along to the service … [Read more…]

Festive Dates

We are fast approaching our busy festive season where we have our traditional services as well as other festive events on throughout December. We have them all here in our poster, which you can download here. All these services and events will be added to our calendar too. 

Pause with Poppies Display

Our Pause with Poppies display has been put together over the past 24 hours with thanks to all the team and the community for their support as we have seen our display pop up on Facebook. As you can see our display is looking good, we have had a lot of interest and support from … [Read more…]

Pause with Poppies

Our Pause with Poppies craft day is on tomorrow (Wednesday) in the Church from 1.30pm.  This is our last craft day before we have our main display, we would like to invite everyone to come along and make a poppy for our display, we will have lots of craft materials avaliable for you to chose … [Read more…]

Vacancy News and Sunday Morning Service

This Sunday we will be welcoming the Rev. Barry Hughes to our pulpit as the Sole Nominee for St. Mark’s. Our Nominating Committee have worked hard over the past year to bring us to this point and we are grateful to them. All members of St. Mark’s are warmly encouraged to be in attendance this … [Read more…]

Raploch Street Design Project

The team behind the Rapoch Street Design Project had it’s first public meeting on Friday 28th September in the Community Campus. This meeting was for the team to discuss who they currently have involved and who else they should have involved as well as look at their plan for how the project is going to … [Read more…]

Pause with Poppies

This year Remembrance Day is a double centenary: the 100th anniversary of the Armistice (the end of World War One), and a 100 years of the RAF. To mark this occasion St Marks Church is creating a display of poppies in our church garden. The display would be exhibited from the Friday 9th – Sunday … [Read more…]

Community Open Day

We have been busy here at St. Mark’s working on getting things ready for our stall at tomorrows Community Open Day at the Old Kildean Hospital site. The open day is to let the community see how the site has developed over the past few months and also to showcase all the local organisations in … [Read more…]

Raploch Street Design Project

We have been informed about a exciting new project that is being launched within the parish, this project is going to be for improving the design and public spaces in Raploch Road and a small section of Drip Road. The project is being led by Sustrans and they will be holding a few information events … [Read more…]

Hall update

We have resolved the recent issue with our halls and we will return to normal service tomorrow (Friday) morning. We would like to thank you all for your understanding, we would also like to thank our Hall Convenor John Murie and Property Convenor Hugh Stewart for working to resolve the issue. We hope to see … [Read more…]