Daily Reflections

Hello and welcome to our Daily Reflections session for Friday, we join Barry live from the Manse to conclude looking at the Road to Emmaus. Our video will be avaliable soon Reading Next week our Daily Reflections will take a slightly different form as we join our Deacon Jean Porter for the sessions which will … [Read more…]

Daily Reflections

Welcome to our Thursday Daily Reflections session live from the Manse with Barry, we are continuing to look at the story about the Road to Emmaus.

Creative Fun

This week we are getting all green fingered with our latest creative activity please join us

Camp at Home

Good evening all our friends, joining us to take part in the Scouts Camp at Home. Tonight we are brining you another small activity to try. So please take time to join the 1st Raploch Scouts and take part. How do you see the World? This activity needs some paper and pens, You are going … [Read more…]

Daily Reflections

Good morning, welcome to today’s Daily Reflections session with Barry live from the Manse. Today we are continuing looking at the story about the Road to Emmaus. Our video will be avaliable soon Service This morning we again looked as Luke’s gospel (24:13-33) which we looked at yesterday. We spoke about how the men on … [Read more…]

The Road to Emmaus

Hello and welcome back to our weekly Kidzone slot, we hope you all enjoyed last weeks Easter Story and you all had a great time celebrating Easter. Today we are going to be travelling along the road to Emmaus in a journey that happened not long after Jesus had died on the cross and had … [Read more…]