Hello and welcome to our Thursday fun day, we have been working away finding different creative and fun things to do, last week we started our green fingered activity, more from our gardener later. Just now for today we have another activity for you all to try and is good for those who don’t have … [Read more…]

Rainbow of Hope Activity

This week we have been joining our Deacon Jean Porter for Daily Reflections session and she has been sharing with us a story about A Rainbow of Hope. Just check our front page for the story. We thought it would be good to follow this theme this week and encourage people to draw some pictures … [Read more…]

Challenge Cafe

We are a bit later today with our Challenge Cafe, any way we are here now with our Young @Heart Ladies and Him Indoors men for this week’s virtual meeting. Last week we brought you some brain teasers for kids and adults, the answers are at the end of this page. This week we have … [Read more…]