An Easter Story, Resurection

Good morning, welcome back to our Easter Story, on Friday we learned that Jesus was crucified and died. We left the story where Jesus had been placed in the tomb. The Resurrection Early on Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’s followers, and some other women went to the tomb to put spices onto the … [Read more…]

An Easter Story, Jesus Dies

Earlier today we seen that Jesus was sentenced to death and he was placed upon a cross to die, we left the story just as he was crucified. Jesus Dies Two thieves were being crucified at the same time as Jesus, one on the right and one on the left. One of the criminals who … [Read more…]

An Easter Story, The Crucifixion

What a week it has been as we have followed the Easter Story, so far we have heard about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem then having a meal with his friends and now Jesus has been betrayed by a friend and arrested. Again today we will have a second activity later this afternoon. The Crucifixion It … [Read more…]

An Easter Story, The Arrest

Good afternoon, yes today we have two parts of the Easter Story this morning we read about Judas betraying Jesus….. Now we continue our story as the Roman Soldiers arrest Jesus The Arrest of Jesus The soldiers arrested Jesus. Jesus was taken to the court of Caiaphas (the High Priest), the teachers of the law … [Read more…]

An Easter Story, The Betrayal

Good morning everyone, it is great to see you back here as we continue our Easter Story, so yesterday we had the last supper and finished with Jesus asking God for his help as he has a feeling he is going to be betrayed. We will have a second story and activity later today. Betrayal … [Read more…]

An Easter Story, The Last Supper

It is great to welcome you back to our Easter Story, today we are begining to look at what happened on the Thursday before Easter, so we are skipping a bit ahead of our days. We have already seen Jesus arrive in Bethlehem and flip the tables at the temple then we heard about how … [Read more…]