Camp at Home

Good morning all…..

We have seen a superb idea from our friends at the Scouts to help during this time, it is called Camp at Home and was announced by Northumberland Scouts so as we have our very own Scouts here at St. Mark’s we are going to join them at camp.

The great thing about this the Scouts are actively encouraging everyone not just Scouts to take part so lets join them. If you are going to join in and have Facebook you can follow the event by clicking the link below.


Now Camp at Home is going to run for all of April, yes we are getting an early start to this but think as some of us aren’t Scouts we will need a wee bit practice, to catch up with Barry and the 1st Raploch Scouts. If you are a member of 1st Raploch please keep your parents or carers on the right track.

As our part of the Camp at Home event we will be bringing you 2 activities to do at home each Friday and as our Beavers and Cubs meet on Tuesdays we will bring you all another activity on Tuesday evening.

All activities will come from the Scout website and they will be aimed at all the family and all can be done at home either individually or as a family group.


Snap Happy

This week our first activity is a nice and easy one for everyone but great for our youngsters.

It is called Snap happy and is all about learning to use your camera, something that your going to need for this whole event so why not learn a bit about it.

All you need is

A camera or smartphone

Pens or Pencils

A4 paper

Now for more details please visit the Scouts website for the Snap Happy instructions

Teeny Tiny Twig Rafts

Our second activity is Teeny Tiny Twig Rafts, a great creative activity to see if you can make a raft that floats.

Now ideally you need some natural resources to get started like twigs and leaves. So maybe when you go out for your daily walk you could pick up some but if you are in isolation we know that may be hard we would recommend you use old card and paper.

For more details on this activity please visit the Scouts website for the Teeny Tiny Twig Raft instructions

We hope you all take part in these activities to be part of the Scouts Camp at Home if you do please take photos and share them with us via Facebook on Raploch Connected and tag them with #campathome.