An Easter Story, Palm Sunday.

This week we are starting to explore the stories of the Bible that lead us to Easter. This week we are looking at Palm Sunday which is this Sunday (5 April) we did plan an Ark Roadshow for then and it isn’t cancelled we are going to have it online (well as much as we can) This is part one of our Palm Sunday episode.

You will find an activity at the end for you to do.

We would like to thank for the stories and materials we will be using.

Palm Sunday


Jesus and his followers had been staying in or around a village called Bethany which was on the southeast outskirts of Jerusalem waiting for the Passover festival to start. 

The owner of the donkey probably knew or would certainly have heard of Jesus, and so was happy to let Jesus borrow his donkey to go to Jerusalem on. It might have even been the donkey’s owner that told people that Jesus was riding into Jerusalem and so the crowd formed. 

 The people in the crowd would have heard about Jesus, being a great teacher and a person able to do miracles, and so would have seen him as quite a likely person to lead them to freedom from the Romans.


Our activities for this first installment of the Easter Story are

Colour in your own Plam Sunday picture

You can download and print off the full pdf format document of the colouring pages we will be using here

Check back on Sunday when we conclude our Palm Sunday episode….

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