An Easter Story, Thirty Pieces of Silver

Welcome back to our online journey through the Easter story, today we learn about the leaders and how they feel about Jesus and we learn of who would betray Jesus.

We would like to thank for the stories and materials we will be using.

Jesus and his friends and followers were in Jerusalem preparing for the special Passover celebrations. At the same time, the chief priests and other Jewish officials were meeting at the house of Caiaphas, the High Priest, to discuss ways of capturing Jesus quietly, and killing him. They wanted to kill Jesus because they hated how popular he was with the people and thought he might take some of their power away, and also more importantly, they did not believe Jesus’s claim that he was the Son of God.

 “But we can’t do it during the Passover celebrations,” they agreed, “because the people might riot.” 

Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’s twelve disciples, went to the chief priests, and asked, “How much will you pay me if I betray Jesus to you?” They gave him thirty silver coins. From then on, Judas watched for a chance to betray Jesus to them. 


First colouring in, nice and easy you can print this picture off it is part of our off file for Easter to make it easier to print, click the button bellow for the off file.

Our second activity is a great family activity and can be as creative and fun as you like.

You can choose to dress up as the leaders and Judas for this as we are going to act out the scene where the leaders are discussing what to do with Jesus, then in comes Judas offering to betray Jesus.

This drama or skit comes from Ministry to Children website, we are going to do Scene 1 today.

Scene 1 – In the Temple

Work out who is going to be

  • High priest
  • Priest 1
  • Priest 2
  • Judas

You will also need a bag of chocolate coins (or just a some coins will be fine)

High Priest: Think hard, guys. We’ve got to think of some way to get rid of Jesus.

Judas: Psssst !!

Priest 1: Look, it’s Judas, one of Jesus’ friends.

Judas: Not any more, I’m not. What will you give me to tell you how to get to Jesus?

Priest 2: This is a lucky break! Here are thirty silver coins, Judas. (Gives Judas the

Judas: Hey, this sure beats stealing from the disciples’ money.

We will bring you the next part later this week.

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