An Easter Story, Jesus appears to the disciples

Welcome to our final part of our Easter Story, where Jesus appears to the disciples this happens on Easter Sunday too but we wanted toilet you all enjoy your day.

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Jesus Appears to the Disciples

Later on the same day, two of Jesus’s followers were walking from Jerusalem to a town called Emmaus (about 11 kilometres or 7 miles). They were talking about what had happened over the last few days. They were joined by a stranger on the road and started walking with him. It was Jesus but they didn’t recognise him. Jesus asked them “What are you talking about?” 

They told Jesus all that had happened and about the women going to the tomb, the Angels telling them that Jesus was Alive and the other disciples finding the tomb empty. Jesus then explained to them about what the old Jewish prophets had said about Jesus coming back to life (although they still didn’t recognise him!) When they had finished talking, they were near Emmaus. It was getting late, so the two men asked Jesus to stay the night with them.

They sat down to dinner and Jesus said grace. As he broke the bread to eat, the disciple realised it was Jesus. (They might have seen the holes in Jesus’s hands where the nails had been.) They were amazed and ran all the way back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples in Jerusalem what had happened! They found the other disciples in a locked room because they were scared of being found by the Jewish leaders. 

While the two disciples were saying what had happened, Jesus appeared in the room and said “Peace be with you!” They were scared and thought Jesus was a ghost. But Jesus said “Look at my hands and feet, it is me. Touch my hands where the nails went in. A ghost doesn’t have a body!” He showed them his pierced hands where the nails had gone in and they believed it was him, Alive! Jesus ate some fish with them and explained why he had died and that he would soon go back to heaven. 

He also explained that he would send a helper, the Holy Spirit, to live in and help all of Jesus’s followers. He told them not to leave Jerusalem until the Helper had come. He also told them to go and tell other people about him and that he loves everyone so much he died for them. But there was one disciple who wasn’t there when Jesus first appeared, his name was Thomas and he doubted that Jesus really was alive. He said that unless he saw the holes in Jesus hands, he wouldn’t believe that he was raised from the dead. 

The next week, the disciples were in the room again. This time Thomas was with them. Even though the room was locked, Jesus still appeared to them. He showed Thomas his hands. Thomas touched him and said, “My Lord and My God!” And believed that Jesus was alive.


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