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Christ the King

Do any of you like to play chess?

A game where by moving the different pieces in different ways – you try to take the other players pieces, while making sure that your KING is not captured… the KING is the most important piece on the Board… and yet he can only move one square at a time. The queen can move the whole length of the board in any direction – as long as no one else is in the way… the bishops can move diagonally… are there others you can think of?

They all do different things and they’re all very important – even the little pawns… but always working with the KING in mind.   In the church we all do different things… move different ways… and we to have a King…..our King is Jesus.  Sometimes it might seem that he is moving slowly (only one square at a time), and sometimes we get a little impatient….but we know Jesus promised to always be with us.
The King on the chess board reminds us of Jesus in another way – look at the picture of the chess piece again…..what’s on the very top of the KING? – a cross – reminding us of Christ’s death. The cross also has two directions, the first one…..going from the ground to the sky…. reminds us of the connection between earth and heaven….a reminder of our connection to God.

 And the direction….from left to right…..reminds us of People…. as we are to be connected to those on our right or our left and loving others.  Just as Jesus said,

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