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If you safesearch in images –

“Psalm 139 colouring pages

You’ll get many pictures to colour in. Enjoy!

Who knows you best of all?

Your answer might be your mum or dad; a member of your family or the person who takes care of you. You might even want to say that it is yourself.

The person who wrote the Psalms, which is like our hymn book, is sure that it’s not a member of his family or even himself. He says that it is God who knows him inside out. There is no part of his day, no thought he has, no word that comes out of his mouth that God does not know all about it.

If you read the rest of the Psalm, you will see that the reason he thinks this is because he knows that God made him. Even before he was born, God knew who he was and knew what he was like.

Take time today to think on what these words mean for you. It was important to the writer of the Psalm that God knew all about him even though he could not quite understand what that meant exactly.

Ask yourself this week, how important do I think this is for me.

If you would like to, say this prayer now …..

Dear God,  I’m not sure if you do know all about me but I want to trust that you do. So help me to see, even this week, that you know everything about me and that you care about me too.  Amen

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