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If you safesearch in images – “Jesus is taken up to heaven colouring pages

You’ll get many pictures to colour in. Enjoy!

Do you like balloons, some people do and others don’t – there are so many things you can do with them.

During one of our holiday club re-unions we had Gordon Roy along from Scripture Union – he’s a local worker and also a clown and he did some amazing things with balloons making them into animals and all sorts – it was great fun.

I managed to make a sword but it sadly didn’t last long before it ran out of air and deflated.

Perhaps you’ve also played some games with balloons – you can tie them onto a piece of string around your ankle and then run with them trying not to burst them – you can fill them with water and have an outdoor game trying to catch them in a circle with friends. One thing that we often use balloons for is for celebration and we can get helium filled ones which mean that the balloon floats in the air.

You need to be careful that it doesn’t float away and so you tie a piece of ribbon or string to it to make sure.

Perhaps you’ve lost a balloon and watched it rise up and up and up and up and up and up – into the sky getting smaller and smaller as it goes up until eventually it’s out of sight.

In todays bible story on the story page you can read about Jesus spending 40 days with His friends before it was time for Him to go back into heaven. He had died, been buried and was raised from the dead and spent time making Himself known to many. But before He goes Jesus tells His followers to wait, to get ready and then to go.

They were to wait for the helper Holy Spirit to come, wait and pray and then when He came they were to go into all the world taking the good news of Jesus and telling and showing Him to everyone, as far as to the ends of the world.

With Holy Spirit with them and in them they would not be alone, in fact it would just be like having Jesus with them.

As Jesus goes before them walking along suddenly its as if another door is opened and Jesus begins to walk through it – the bible says that as He lifts His hands to bless them, as He blesses them He is taken up before them into the sky; carried back into heaven.

Perhaps like a balloon going up and up into the sky – Jesus friends watched a up He went until eventually He was out of sight.

Do you think Jesus friends were sad? In some ways yes – however in other ways no for He’d told them that they had a mission, a purpose and part of that purpose was to be His witnesses – to tell of all that had happened these past years of His life. 

Let us ask for Jesus’ help today that as He sent Holy Spirit, He would send Him again to help us to do as Jesus did, to be His witnesses, to tell others of Him and to go as He leads us like a GOOD SHEPHERD going before us. Amen

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