Chance to Thrive

Watch this Space!



Just in case you’re wondering, St Mark’s Chance to Thrive hasn’t stalled – we’ve just been involved in many, many other things.

So far, our group have landed on one particular matter that we’d like to see move forward and that is the next phase of our building project.

This is a least an architect’s image of the phase we’ve landed on as a Church:

(Copyright © 2016 Page \ Park Architects)

There is no doubt in the minds and hearts of many that over these past years since we’ve been going through the Chance to Thrive process that it is a cause for much Celebration!

At a meeting between Jean (Deacon) and myself, we both discussed the last nine plus years of team working with the help of a friend who has worked with us over the years.

Here are just some of the things we touched on for which I believe we ALL have cause for celebration:

  1. When the community see both Jean and myself going about our daily routines there is no sense of dysfunction between who we are and our portrayal of St Mark’s – that means that people feel they are hearing the same thing from us both and from the Church.
  1. There is always an open door at St Mark’s – whether it be for people needing our services through funeral care, weddings, school chaplaincy which we both take part in and the service that the Church family offers to the wider community.
  1. The perception of St Mark’s in the community is that we are a Church who want to be involved in the projects and activities in our communities.
  1. We’ve been described by someone who heard of all that we are doing, have done and want to do as people who are “punching above our weight.” What they were saying, it seemed to me, was that given how things seem to the human eye in terms of resources and people, we as a Church family are doing what we do with heart and a desire to see our community and Church transformed and full of life.

So please keep your eyes open for more information and if you’d like to know any more about this next stage in St. Mark’s journey, then please contact an Elder.

       Minister – 6th June 2017