Chance to Thrive

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Community Consultation 14th June

Many thanks to local residents and businesses around our church and also to local organisations working in the community who came to be part of our Community Consultation.

CTT_Architects_Community_Consultation_14.6.16_EveningGroup1 CTT_Architects_Community_Consultation_14.6.16_EveningGroup2 CTT_Architects_Community_Consultation_14.6.16_DavidFleck&SarahJaneStorrie CTT_Architects_Community_Consultation_14.6.16_WelcometoEveningsession

We are grateful that our neighbours are willing to be part of our discussions on the future of our buildings and the part these might play in  the life of our local community.

Community Consultation Letter 18.5.16

Meetings with Page & Park Architects

We began a series of meetings with our chosen architects, Page & Park in January.

The final of these will take place on Tuesday,July 12th from 7 – 9 p.m. in the church side aisle.  

Please put this date in your diary. If you cannot attend,  please keep praying for the work ahead.


Edinburgh Churches Visit 7 February 2015

Click on the above link to see the summary of our visit to 6 Edinburgh churches which have undergone transformation.

Chance to thrive Video 

Click the above Link to watch and hear this celebration of Chance to Thrive!